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We BLAST  NEW-FRESH Customers to your door!

Restaurants-Breweries-Fast Food-Franchise Businesses-Dry Cleaners-Shoe Stores-Clothing Stores-Eye Care Centers-Fitness Centers-Health Food-Coffee Shops-Printing -Packing & Shipping-Salons-Chiropractor-Pet Care-Dental-Auto and Oil Change-Specialty Stores-Gift Stores-Floral-Hardware Stores-Tanning Salons-Hair Salons-Spa
And Lots More
Cut Your Advertising & Promotions Budget

Increase Traffic To Your Door!  

With our system you get lots of NEW CUSTOMERS! 

#1 Your customers are leaving without any reason to return!!! 
Let's fix that!
We print a full color ad or coupon on the back of your receipt so your customer has a GOOD reason to return or share your coupon with others! This is HUGE marketing! 

 Total Market Value $725.00  Included in our system! 

#2  Your business and coupon promoted on 10-14 other business receipts to 31,250 customers.
These are all NEW CUSTOMERS to your business!

Total Market Value $725  Included in our system!

#3 We capture 1000's of shoppers name, email, & phone. We send a TEXT Blast with your offer to 1000's of phones !   

Total Market Value $900  Included in our system!
#4   We buy your gift cards and gift certificates for promoting to 1000's of shoppers that enter our drawings to WIN!
This is HUGE because we are giving YOU money back!

Total Market Value $900  Included in our system! 
#5  We TEXT blast your Gift Card Winners to the Shopper data base phones!

Total Market Value $900  Included in our system! 
#6 We EMAIL blast your SPECIAL OFFER to the Shopper
data base emails!

Total Market Value $300  Included in our system! 
#7 We optimize your GOOGLE MAP visability and do google map marketing. 

Total Market Value $300  Included in our system! 

Total Package Value
$4750 per quarter

Our Complete System 1-7
is one super low fee! 
$395 per quarter!!!(Certain conditions apply)

We made this whole marketing system so affordable that you can't say NO! We want every business to use it and say YES!

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